It’s called Crack! Fumetti Dirompenti, the independent Festival of comics and drawn and printed art. hosted and entirely produced by Forteprenestino in Rome. This year it will reach its tenth edition, the event is this totally network-oriented festival. Crack! is not a showcase or an extension of the art market, in order to become familiar with it you must totally experience it. And this experience is shared by authors, editors, groups and cultural production centres that exchange methods, stories and pictures together. Every year 10.000 visitors come to Crack! walking through the underground passages of the Forte searching for a glimpse of the contemporary.
Deep in the soul of Crack! is born a phantom publishing label, called Fortepressa, the Forteprenestino pirate press. The whole production of Fortepressa is in a very limited edition and refuses any other distribution that the one that crosses the independent festivals network. Fortepressa already boasts about a dozen titles, all multilingual productions that cross Europe and the artistic productions around its borders, a project that is completely licensed under a Creative Commons statement.