TRUDE RABBIT [It was a long summer Trude Rabbit]

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by BAMBI KRAMER 22 pages, 4 colours, unbound poster-book, album 22,5 x 33,5 cm, released under Creative Commons License [ BY – NC 3.0] first release november 2012 ISBN 978-88-9050-698-7 signed limited edition of 200 copies
Trude Rabbit
cover: Bambi Kramer
dwg: Bambi Kramer
design: Valerio Bindi

TRUDE RABBIT – It was a long summer Trude Rabbit

Trude Rabbit is a post-victorian, neo-psychedelic trip of a zoomorphic Alice. Rolling out her fragmented visions Trude recomposes them through the looking glasses of a WhiteRabbit affected by a multiple personality disorder. Along the pages images match one to the other for a total of six meters in length. The book is a cut-up work, that leads an eight metres roll drawn with no stop, like a stream of consciousness, into the tale’s dimension. Through continuous cuts and recombinations an estrangened fairy tale is generated, without any text, opening to multiple narrative lines and possible visualizations.

” The slight rigor of the sky giving birth to the clouds echoes in these drawings” – Roche
Tecken i tiden [Sydsvenskan]